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Scott & Mark Morency are the third generation operators of Morency Plumbing & Heating Ltd to serve the community of the Crowsnest Pass & area since 1909.

Alex Morency

When Alex Morency arrived in Frank in 1908, he probably had no idea that he would be responsible for the establishment of a family dynasty, or that products he produced in order to make a living, would become artifacts. Items such as tubs, coal pails, boilers and miners’ lunch buckets were produced for the tinsmith trade, some of which can be seen at the Crowsnest Museum in Coleman.

Born in Peterborough, Ontario in 1886, Morency moved west in 1905, first to Saskatchewan and three years later, to Frank.

After working for some time for the McLaren Lumber Company, he later went to work for the Crowsnest Hardware Company, in the plumbing & tinsmithing trades.

Blairmore Tinsmith Shop - 1925

Morency Plumbing & Heating and Tinsmith began operations in Frank in 1909, moved to Blairmore until 1915, operated out of a shop in Coleman from 1915 to the early 1930’s, and in 1934 back to Blairmore.

By this time, two sons, Joseph & Harold were involved with the business. During this time, the family was very active in the community. Alex served as Blairmore Fire Chief in the 1930’s, was the ice maker in the old Blairmore arena, and, with his sons, cut blocks of ice out of the Crowsnest Lake, which they sold to people who had iceboxes and on contract to the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

Crowsnest Lake Dance Hall
The Morencys, along with friends, constructed the Crowsnest Lake Dance Hall in 1931.

When Harold joined the Air Force, following the outbreak of war in 1938, Joe left the family business. Harold returned in 1945, and in 1951 bought the business from his father, who continued to work with him.

Alex died at the age of 78 in 1963.

Morency Plumbing & Heating
Morency Plumbing & Heating

Morency Plumbing & Heating and Tinsmith grew to include specialty plumbing supplies, small appliances and later, Beach stoves, washers & dryers. The business was also the Maytag agent.

In the 1960’s, a cleaner, more efficient source of heat was looked for, as people turned from coal to propane to heat their homes. As the agent for Canadian Propane, Morency’s serviced propane gas & refilled propane cylinders.

Harold Morency

Both of Harold’s sons, first Scott and later Mark, began working in the business while still in school, both eventually obtaining their tickets in plumbing, gas fitting & tinsmithing.

Scott & Mark Morency

Harold continued to work with his sons, teaching them tinsmithing,
until he was slowed down by health problems in the late 1980’s.

Harold passed away in 1992.

The Morency brothers feel that the business has thrived as long
as it has because the family has always provided good service, honesty & taken pride in what they do.

Scott & Mark also say it is because they have very, very good staff.

The business employs four journeyman plumbers,
besides themselves, two apprentice plumbers,
a warehouse shipper/receiver & two admin staff.
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